The holidays are coming up and we’re all in need of those good holiday dresses, so I wanted to do a post showcasing one of my favorite brands: Privacy Please.

Privacy Please is a brand that makes me want to put on a beautiful dress, some cat eye sunglasses, and go cruise the PCH in my pink Cadillac (yeah, but seriously, can I?).

Their style is completely dreamy and romantic. They celebrate all things girl, and how much fun it is to be one. Ever think about how lucky we are to be girls? Seriously, we get to have all the fun.

Please, also, do yourself a favor and visit their Instagram. Goals for dayyyys.

You can’t go wrong with a Privacy Please dress for the holidays…I’m always looking for a fun New Years one! I’ve linked a couple of my favorites below. They have a great selection of bright satin and velvet ones…perfect for this season!


Photographer: @meaganabellphotography


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