Happy Wednesday, guys!! 

I wanted to bring you some sass on this Wednesday and to just talk about my life for two seconds.

I’ve been in Atlanta for the last two months working on some film projects and it’s been really great. I find it insane what you can soak up just from being around what you love. You don’t even realize what you’re learning until you look back. Just being on set with these amazing actors and creatives has been incredible for me. I’ve worked years to get to where I am today and, even though I still have a long way to go, I feel like I’m finally where I’m suppose to be; and that feels pretty cool.

The thing I find the most interesting right now though, is how much I’m going with the flow. I have no idea where I’ll be in a couple of months or even next week for that matter. Normally this would drive me CRAZY, but I’ve somehow found a calm in all of it. I don’t mind not knowing this time around (yes I know that’s a double negative leave me alone). 

Atlanta has been great and I’ve loved the little I’ve gotten to explore of it. It has AMAZING food and even better sweets…which is definitely going to get me in trouble! I definitely want to explore more though, so please leave some recommendations in the comments if you have any!

As for the outfit I’m wearing above, I just recently bought an insane amount of clothes from Romwe and had to share this piece with you. The pink corduroy overall dress looks so adorable any way you wear it. I like to wear mine with a more band type t-shirt. I think it gives off that girly/not too girly look perfectly.

I’ve linked it below, along with a few other pieces for you guys!

Photos by: Amanda Rogers


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