On the day I shot these photos, it took forever for the sun to come up. We were suppose to shoot at 7:30am but had to push it a little because there was barely any light. I know I’ve been living this life for a while now, but I swear I don’t remember it ever taking the sun this long to come up each day. I need sunlight!

I’ve become a huge fan of graphic tees/tees with sayings lately. They’ve basically become my full wardrobe and it’s almost even a bad thing. It’s gotten to the point where my boss has even pointed it out and asked me if I ever wear anything that doesn’t have a saying on it. Haha but they’re just so fun!

I love pairing a graphic tee with anything other than jeans. With a skirt, or dress pants, or in this case, a kimono. It’s so fun for me to switch it up a bit.

I’ve linked a few fun options below. What are your favorite ways to wear a graphic tee?


Photographer: @emberwolves




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