“Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty mama!” Ah I wish I could go back to the Bahamas! My family and I went on a Royal Caribbean cruise to celebrate New Years and had so much fun! We left out of Port Canaveral and then stopped at two beaches: Nassau and Cococay.

We spent most of our Nassau day…partying at Senor Frogs, I’m not even going to lie (it was way too much fun). We also explored the town a little and stopped in some shops, and then laid out on the beach until it was time to get back onto the ship. Next, we went to Cococay, which is Royal Caribbean’s private island. The island was amazing. I felt like such a beach bum and it was such a cool experience to be secluded like that. We laid on the beach all day and went snorkeling and I need to go back pronto. 

Then during our travel we got to party on the ship!! We rang in the new year on the ship with a huge dance party. We gambled (I’m so bad), explored the ship, watched the shows, etc.. On our last night, we went to a scavenger hunt show that ended up being way more fun then it probably should have been haha. They grouped the audience into teams and then would shout out items and the first team to bring the item to the show host got a point. Btw, our show host was Cruisin’ Susan (who was amazing and I love her name!). Who else had Cruisin’ Susan?! Let’s just say she ended up with my sister’s bra and an elderly lady’s dentures..


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