I had some fun on this project.

I worked as a stand in for Kathryn Hahn on A Bad Moms Christmas and to say I had a blast is an understatement. The cast is freaking hilarious and the crew was amazing to work with. I loved everyone on this film.

As a stand in, you stand on the actor’s mark while the crew gets the camera and lighting set up on you. That way the actor can come right on in to do the scene.

These were definitely some of the weirdest/best scenes I’ve ever had to stand in for…for example…here is a shot of me in action:



Yeahhhhh, pretty impressive stuff here. My job, that is. Just wait till you see the movie…Justin Hartley is one hunk of a dude.

One of my favorite things about working on this film was seeing what Kathryn Hahn’s character would come out in every day. She had the best outfits! And by best I mean craziest, but awesome. And her hair was always insane and huge. For anyone that really knows me…I LOVE big hair. The bigger the hair the closer to Jesus.

Other than complimenting Kathryn Hahn daily on her big hair, I also got to watch Mila and Kristen in action, and they were just as much fun. They all have this scene where they freak dance on Santa, and I was just in awe watching them. They did a couple different takes and wow was it amazing to watch what they came up with. Especially Kristen Bell. Her character is more of the shy innocent one, and she was pulling out the most insane moves. She definitely taught me a lesson on commitment that night. Go big or go home.

The directors were also the nicest humans on the planet. They were the writers behind The Hangover and The Change-Up, so no wonder this film is hilarious. They seriously were so generous, and they’re the reason this film was so much fun to make.

On the last day of filming for Kathryn, I was so sad to leave this crew. However, I got over that pretty fast after I made some new friends:



Santa strippers.

Now that’s what I’m talking about.

I sent the above picture to my friend saying “just a typical day at the office,” and she sent the picture below back. It was too good, I had to share. This is why we’re friends.



I hope you guys have as much fun watching the film as I did during the making of it! Go see A Bad Moms Christmas and let me know your favorite part!!


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